Social MediaSocial media that makes a difference. Build a community around your customers.



Social Media Management With social media growing at an extraordinary rate we encourage all of our clients to have and manage branded Facebook and Twitter pages. The goal with social media is to increase your customer’s engagement with your brand. We provide branded pages that will increase your customer base and create brand loyalty. We want your customers to love your Facebook and Twitter page and want to check in periodically and get involved in the discussion. In the end, honest recommendations through Facebook and Twitter’s online “word of mouth” are priceless. Create a long-term relationship with your customer base.

Typical social media projects include:

  1. Custom Facebook pages (check out our facebook page)
  2. Custom Twitter pages (checkout our twitter page)
  3. LinkedIn page optimization
  4. Google/Bing/Yahoo local listing optimization
  5. Google+ creation & Optimization
  6. Brand/reputation management
  7. Social media content creation and posting